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How long does grind and seal concrete last?

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Policrete Team
Policrete Team
September 8, 2021
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What to expect and how best to maintain your new concrete flooring.

So, you're thinking of getting grind and seal concrete installed. You've done your research and feel confident this affordably elegant flooring will look perfect in your home. There's just one hitch: how long will it last? Flooring is, after all, a significant investment and it's important to know how often it will need to be replaced. Nobody wants to go through the rigmarole and cost of installing new flooring every few years.

Read on for more information about how long grind and seal concrete lasts and how best to care for it.

Policrete provides a huge range of concrete floor services with cutting-edge tools and deep knowledge. Learn about everything we do and how we can help with your concrete grind and seal.

How long does grind and seal concrete last?

grind and seal concrete

You can count on the durability of grind and seal floors. Typically, they will last for around 5 years before requiring a re-seal, though this figure does depend on the traffic that the floors experience. For instance, a concrete grind and seal in your kitchen might require a retouch sooner, whereas a concrete grind and seal in a seldom-used room could go a decade without needing a revisit.

One key way you can extend the longevity of your concrete grind and seal is by selecting the correct seal. By matching the seal with the traffic and weather conditions the floor will experience, you'll ensure your concrete grind and seal floor lasts for a long time. Aside from keeping your floor looking smart, you'll save money.

When you arrange for your concrete grind and seal installation, Policrete will make recommendations and share tips on everything you can do to extend the life of your grind and seal concrete. In-depth consultations ensure a lasting product that will exceed your expectations in terms of beauty and reduce expensive aftercare.

Does grind and seal concrete last longer than other floorings?

Along with its upmarket cousin polished concrete, grind and seal concrete significantly outlasts other flooring types. Physically, it's far more durable and resilient than tiles, carpet and timber. It's not an accident that concrete is a byword for permanence. Grind and seal concrete also lasts longer than other floorings in terms of fashion. It is a timeless, glamorous flooring option forever in vogue among style-forward interior designers. This is not always the case with carpet. Remember 70s brown shag carpets? Exactly.

What can I do to look after my grind and seal concrete?

Like anything in life, grind and seal concrete benefits from being properly cared for and maintained. There are several ways that you can extend the life of this concrete flooring, including:

  • Keeping it clean and vacuumed
  • Immediately wiping up spills when they occur
  • Only using a soft mop and ph-neutral cleaners (avoid bleach or citrus-based ones)
  • Avoiding wearing shoes on the floor
  • Using protective padding beneath furniture

If you'd like further guidance, our warm and helpful team are always ready to help. They'll be able to answer any questions you have about caring for your grind and seal concrete.

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