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What are the risks of grind and seal?

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Concrete grind and seal
Policrete Team
Policrete Team
September 21, 2021
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Get informed about grind and seal polished concrete and make the best decision

So, you're pondering whether grind and seal concrete is right for you? It looks fantastic, tick. It's affordable, tick. But it's a major investment and, as with any investment, you want to know about the potential downsides and risks. These are absolutely important issues to consider and you've come to the right place to get answers.

We've performed countless grind and seal jobs across Melbourne. Read on to continue on to learn about the risks of grind and seal concrete, along with how to minimise them.

Policrete offers an enormous range of concrete pouring and processing services with sophisticated tools and extensive knowledge. Learn what we do and how we can help you with your concrete grind and seal.

What are the risks and dangers of concrete grind and seal?

dangers of concrete grind and seal

Like with anything in life, grind and seal concrete comes with risks. The major danger is concrete dust, which contains fine, powdery silica particles. If inhaled, these silica particles can cause serious health problems like silicosis.

Often during grind and seal concrete installations, businesses and homeowners will remain near the area, which means lots of people potentially inhaling concrete dust. Even if people don't inhale this cement dust while the work is occurring, a fine layer of the dust can settle on surfaces and be inhaled later. For this reasons, advanced technology to remove this dust is a pivotal part of a safe install. It's vital that when you hire a company to perform your grind and seal, you are confident they follow proper safety standards.

Beware untested and unregulated grind and seal tradespeople

The grind and seal concrete industry is also fairly unregulated. There are a number of backyard operators who may not install grind and seal concrete to a professional standard. There are even cases where operators take payment and disappear. It is important that you research the business that will be carrying out your grind and seal.

Look for a reputable, established outfit with online reviews. It could prove worthwhile contacting them via phone, email or social media to get a sense of their dedication to customer satisfaction. If something seems off about the business, cease dealing with them. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Don't risk a concrete grind and seal that looks bad

Aside from safety risks, there are also aesthetic risks to consider. There are potential problems around moisture getting trapped between the concrete slab and the coating. This can result in ugly, unappealing discolouration, as well as possible erosion of the coating itself. If this occurs, resealing needs to be done promptly, costing you money and causing hassle.

Structurally, another risk to be mindful of when choosing grind and seal concrete is that grind and seal concrete can experience minor cracks during movement caused by temperature changes and ground swelling. These small cracks won't affect how the floor functions or performs, but steps should be taken to prevent cracks at the time of installation.

Work with the pros at Policrete to minimise risk

Policrete staff will guide you through these and other risks along with how we manage them. First and foremost, the best way of avoiding these risks to use a reputable grind and seal company like Policrete.

Need more information? Get in touch with our team and we'll help with any queries you have about the risks of grind and seal concrete.

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