Epoxy flooringEpoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring

Increase the longevity of high-traffic areas with epoxy flooring

  • Exceptional resilience and durability
  • Resists stains and chemicals
  • Suits commercial applications or homes

Policrete provides contemporary, long-lasting epoxy flooring for homes and industrial spaces. A practical and decorative answer for style and simplicity in wet areas, entertaining spaces and showrooms. 

Upgrade your garage floor or improve the durability of any concrete surface with a stylish epoxy installation in Melbourne.

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What Makes Epoxy Flooring a Good Choice?

You can enjoy contemporary, long-lasting epoxy flooring for your home or industrial space with Policrete. Epoxy is a practical and decorative answer for infusing both style and simplicity in any residential or commercial setting. 

It’s also more cost-efficient than tiles and lasts longer than a concrete surface, making it a worthwhile investment for years to come.

Suitable for:

  • Garages
  • Commercial spaces
  • Wet areas
  • Entertaining spaces
  • Showrooms

You can also easily revitalise any concrete floor with epoxy resin. It’s become quite popular these days to use epoxy for concrete resurfacing in many indoor spaces.

Let’s upgrade your concrete surfaces with a stylish epoxy installation in Melbourne today.


Epoxy concrete floors are chip resistant, unlike tiles or concrete, and a clear choice for your garage, workshop or kitchen.

Chemical resistant

Policrete’s premium range of epoxy floor coating options are commercial-grade and provide sealing against chemicals like solvents and acids.


Benefit from floor coatings that feature a seamless and water-tight finish making them easy to clean; promoting hygiene in supermarkets, hospitals, kitchens and entertaining areas.

Decorative and stylish

Brighten any space with a range of colours and finishes to suit the decor and architecture, from practical garage floors to elegant shiny surfaces.

Easy to maintain

Water-proof and resilient to impact and chemicals, epoxy floor coatings require little maintenance, even in industrial environments.

Our Epoxy Flooring Gallery

Be inspired by these practical and visually appealing results in residential and commercial locations.

David Fahey

"Policrete took an old well worn and damaged automotive workshop floor and restored it to "better than new" condition in our latest store build project."

Adam Lancaster

"These guys are experts at what they do, from advice to the finishing touches. Thanks so much for your efforts, i'll be recommending you to friends and family."

Crystal Buhmann

"Policrete have been nothing short of brilliant to deal with. They came highly recommended from several different concreters and clearly have a reputation for being the best in the business."

Alex Brawn

"Policrete made a really cool and complex concrete bar at my restaurant, plus concrete benches in 3 locations. The team was flexible during the renovation."

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Get a quote for your project

Epoxy Flooring for Business


Hard-Wearing Workshop and Garage Flooring

An epoxy garage floor is a more durable surface than plain or polished concrete and withstands the impact of tools and equipment used in workshops and warehouses.

Extremely tough

Resists discolouration 


Shock safe surface

Food and Retail

Kitchens and Hospitality

The smooth, sealed and robust coatings epoxy offers are non-absorbent and non-porous, making it an increasingly popular choice where the chance of food and drink spillage means fast clean-up is a priority.

Anti-slip surfaces

Elegant and contemporary finish

Withstands high-traffic 

Fast and easy to clean


Hospitals and Healthcare

Save costs and create an aesthetically-pleasing, comfortable environment with durable solutions for hospitals, laboratories and residential care.

Contemporary, vibrant aesthetic

Practical and long-lasting

Easy-to-clean and antimicrobial

Suitable for under-floor heating

Leading the industry

At Policrete, we are proud to offer high-quality, cost effective, and practical flooring solutions for a range of applications.

Backed by a guarantee

We guarantee there will be no structural cracks.

Qualified specialists

Industry leading professionals complete your project.

Industry-leading machinery

Our specialists only work with the best equipment and Husqavarna machines.

Competitive pricing

We offer superior quality at competitive prices.

Applications for Epoxy Flooring

See related finishes

Our epoxy flooring is available in a variety of finishes to match the needs of your premises.

Applications for Epoxy Flooring

Our Clients

Epoxy flooring


Standard coating


Premium treatments

Epoxy flooring

Costs of Epoxy Flooring

The cost of epoxy flooring will depend on the size and complexity of the project and the type of finish you’ve chosen. Our epoxy prices are calculated in square metres, starting from around $30-35 per square metre for a standard epoxy floor coating. Decorative finishes and premium treatments may increase the price of epoxy coating to $80-100 per square metre. 

Out-of-hours pricing is also available to allow your business to operate as usual during the renovation.

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Long-Lasting and Resilient Flooring

A newly resurfaced concrete floor makes any space brighter and easier to use. Epoxy flooring suits many Melbourne businesses and homes due to its exceptional resilience and aesthetic appeal.

The sealed finish prevents dust build-up and makes cleaning quick and easy. Impervious to liquids, the smooth finish boasts exceptional durability. You can even choose an extra-grippy anti-slip finish to increase safety in wet areas or where spills are likely to occur. 

Once installed, the sealed materials will last for years, resisting cracking, flaking or peeling better than the existing concrete floor. Our professional staff install epoxy floor coatings in Melbourne’s hospitals, commercial kitchens, laboratories, garages, factories and warehouses.

Epoxy coatings are suitable for many residential and commercial settings

  • Cost-effective
  • Low maintenance
  • Withstands impact and high-traffic
  • Colourful finishes
  • Resists chemicals and stains

Frequently asked questions

What is epoxy flooring?

Epoxy is made with two components: resins and hardeners. When the resins and hardeners are mixed together, they chemically react and bond so tightly that they create a rigid plastic. It is so resilient that it’s impervious to many chemicals and incredibly long-lasting.

Furthermore, epoxy flooring can be manufactured to be non-slip, UV resistant, and visually stunning. Smooth and shiny, clear epoxy looks similar to polished concrete, while coloured epoxy can create a whole range of stunning flooring options. With such versatility, epoxy flooring can be used in a wide range of industries.

What areas are best for epoxy flooring?

Epoxy flooring is ideal for anywhere that benefits from a durable, resilient, and stylish floor. While it is an especially popular flooring for industrial use and high traffic areas, it’s extremely versatile. Places that use epoxy flooring include:

  • Food industry — abattoirs, supermarkets, commercial kitchens, bars, food production facilities, bakeries, seafood prep areas
  • Automotive industry — garages, showrooms, office spaces
  • Entertainment industry — gaming rooms, gyms, shopping centres
  • Healthcare industry — Hospitals, research laboratories, pharmaceutical facilities, nursing homes
  • Residential — living rooms, laundries, rumpus rooms, kitchens, playrooms

What is the difference between epoxy coating and epoxy flooring?

The technical difference between epoxy flooring and an epoxy coating is the thickness. Epoxy flooring is made up of multiple layers at least 2mm thick. If it’s thinner, it’s referred to as an epoxy coating. However, it’s the practical difference that’s important. The key difference is that epoxy flooring is more durable, resilient, and long-lasting. The extra thickness ensures it will remain smooth, shiny, and bright over a number of years—even in a high-traffic industrial environment.

For the best results, we recommend sticking with an epoxy floor as the increased longevity makes it a more cost-effective choice over time.

Is epoxy flooring cost effective?

Absolutely. While epoxy floors are more expensive than a standard sealed floor, their far superior durability makes them more cost-effective in the long-run. And compared to resurfacing a floor, epoxy floors are a far cheaper option. Without doubt, epoxy flooring is an excellent investment whether you’re in a commercial, industrial, or residential industry.

Our Service Area

Explore the range at the Policrete showroom, located in West Footscray, or contact us for service throughout Melbourne’s metropolitan areas, extending to the Mornington Peninsula and Geelong.

Map of metro melbourne, geelong and mornington peninsula

Policrete are the epoxy flooring specialists

Policrete are the only full-service concrete specialists in Australia. We’re proud to be leading the industry and providing supermarkets, builders, and other businesses with the concrete services they need to achieve their vision. That’s why we make sure your project is successfully completed every step of the way — from pouring the concrete slab to the final polish.

It’s not only our concrete that’s polished. We only use the best equipment, the most talented concreters, and proven techniques to complete your project. We provide a comprehensive selection of services, including floor preparation, concrete grinding, and even concrete benchtops and furniture. Whatever your industry or project, we’re here to provide a reliable, affordable, and high quality concreting solution.

Policrete are the epoxy flooring specialists

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