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Can you grind and seal yourself?

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Concrete grind and seal
Policrete Team
Policrete Team
September 16, 2021
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Is it worth doing your own grind and seal? Or should you leave it to the professionals.

So, you're thinking about grinding and sealing concrete yourself. You've looked up photos of how it has turned out for others, and you love what you see. You're confident that it would be a perfect addition to your home. And now you're wondering if you really do have the capacity to get the job done DIY style. You figure it'd be ideal if you could shave a little money off the price and jump in on your own. But is that a good idea?

Read on for further information regarding whether you can grind and seal concrete yourself.

Policrete provides a vast range of concrete floor services using cutting-edge tools and extensive knowledge. Learn about our professional concrete grind and seal.

DIY grind and seal: things to consider

Before discussing whether you can perform a grind and seal yourself, it's useful to recap how the process works. The key steps are:

  1. The topmost level of concrete is mechanically eroded to expose stone
  2. Visible scratches are cleaned and then grouted
  3. Floor is finished with a protective sealer to complete the look

Grind and seal concrete looks genuinely spectacular, and it's an affordable option for those put off by the significant expense of polished concrete. However, it does require special machinery and training. The machinery is expensive, heavy and difficult to master, not to mention potentially dangerous.

Mistakes are easy to make. While we all like to imagine ourselves as pretty nifty around the house, some jobs are just different. Grind and seal concrete installation isn't mowing the lawn or fixing a car. It's serious, industrial work.

The benefits of getting a professional to do your grind and seal

Our grind and seal experts are experts for a reason. Grind and seal concrete installation requires skills that can take years to develop. While you can do a grind and seal yourself, it may well be the case that even if you do it yourself, it will still fall short of a quality professional job.

We strongly recommend you have a specialist carry out your grind and seal concrete installation. By going with Policrete, you will ensure your grind and seal is done properly, safely and affordably. Besides, it's pretty hard yakka, for 3 to 5 days. Wouldn't you rather put your feet up and relax?

Are there any other ways to save money on grind and seal?

Everyone wants to save money. Having your flooring done by professionals is a major financial investment, but one well worth the expense. Still, there are ways that you can reduce costs that don't also entail the risks of trying to do it yourself. Chiefly, properly caring for your concrete will increase its longevity and save you money. Here are some helpful tips for looking after your grind and seal concrete:

  • Keeping it clean by vacuuming regularly
  • Promptly cleaning any spills
  • Only using pH-neutral cleaners and soft mops
  • As much as you can, avoiding wearing shoes on grind and seal concrete
  • Placing protecting padding beneath your furniture

That's just about everything there is to know about whether you can install grind and seal concrete yourself. If you want further guidance, our lovely staff are here to answer any questions about how best to care for your grind and seal concrete.

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