Non-Slip Polished Concrete Floors

Enjoy Safe, Reliable Non-Slip Flooring

  • A safe flooring option for every home or business. 
  • A smooth, streak-free surface. 
  • Perfect for any indoor or outdoor space. 

Non-slip polished concrete floors offer a compelling blend of functionality and aesthetics. Engineered to provide a secure and stable surface, these floors are an ideal choice for spaces where safety is paramount. Whether in industrial settings, commercial spaces, or even residential interiors, their slip-resistant properties ensure that accidents are minimised, especially in areas prone to spills or moisture.Beyond their practicality, non-slip polished concrete floors exude a sleek, modern appeal that complements various design styles. Their low-maintenance nature and resistance to wear and tear make them a cost-effective flooring solution that can endure the test of time, maintaining both their attractive finish and slip-resistant qualities.

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Why Choose Non-Slip Polished Concrete 

Choosing non-slip polished concrete is a strategic decision for anyone seeking a blend of safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal in their flooring. Unlike traditional concrete surfaces, these floors are meticulously treated to provide a secure footing, even in high-traffic or potentially hazardous areas. This feature is invaluable in spaces where moisture or spills are common, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and commercial environments.

Plus, these floors are also hygienic, with their seamless surfaces discouraging the growth of bacteria and allergens, making them an excellent choice for healthcare facilities and food preparation areas. Overall, non-slip polished concrete floors strike a balance between safety, style, and sustainability, making them a practical and appealing flooring option for a wide range of applications.

Enhanced Safety    

The primary advantage of non-slip polished concrete floors is their superior traction, which reduces the risk of slips and falls, even in areas prone to moisture or spills. 


These floors can withstand heavy foot traffic, machinery, and the general wear associated with everyday use. 

Aesthetic Appeal     

Non-slip polished concrete floors offer a sleek and modern aesthetic that can elevate the overall look of a space.

Our Polished Concrete Gallery

Find inspiration in our polished concrete gallery. 

Non-Slip Polished Concrete Testimonials

David Fahey

"Policrete took an old well worn and damaged automotive workshop floor and restored it to "better than new" condition in our latest store build project."

Adam Lancaster

"These guys are experts at what they do, from advice to the finishing touches. Thanks so much for your efforts, i'll be recommending you to friends and family."

Crystal Buhmann

"Policrete have been nothing short of brilliant to deal with. They came highly recommended from several different concreters and clearly have a reputation for being the best in the business."

Alex Brawn

"Policrete made a really cool and complex concrete bar at my restaurant, plus concrete benches in 3 locations. The team was flexible during the renovation."

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Talk to a polished concrete specialist today
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Get a quote for your project

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At Policrete, we are proud to offer high-quality, cost effective, and practical flooring solutions for a range of applications.

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Non-Slip Polished Concrete Floors in Residential Applications

With minimal maintenance requirements and remarkable durability, non-slip polished concrete floors prove to be a cost-effective, long-lasting flooring solution, making them an ideal choice for those seeking both aesthetic appeal and functionality in their homes. Whether in minimalist or eclectic designs, these floors can be customised to complement a wide range of interior aesthetics, enhancing the overall ambience of any living space.

  • Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. 
  • Resistant to scratches, stains, and wear. 
  • Completely customisable. 
  • Ensures safety throughout the home.
Alfresco area with blue polished concrete leading to the swimming pool

Non-Slip Polished Concrete Floors in Commercial Applications

In commercial applications, non-slip polished concrete floors shine as a versatile and practical flooring choice. Their inherent slip resistance is crucial in high-traffic areas, providing a safer environment for employees and customers alike, while also meeting regulatory safety standards. These floors also excel in durability, enduring the rigours of heavy foot traffic, furniture, and equipment, thereby minimising maintenance costs over time. 

  • Perfect for any commercial space.
  • Durable and suitable for high-traffic areas. 
  • Helps you meet safety standards. 
  • Minimises maintenance costs over time.
Commercial kitchen with polished concrete flooring

Non-Slip Polished Concrete Floors in Industrial Applications

These floors provide a sturdy foundation for heavy machinery and foot traffic, making them an ideal choice for manufacturing plants, warehouses, and industrial facilities. Their slip-resistant properties significantly reduce the risk of accidents in environments where spills or wet conditions are common. Additionally, non-slip polished concrete floors are resistant to chemical spills and are easy to clean, ensuring a low-maintenance solution for industrial settings. 

  • Capable of withstanding heavy-duty machinery.
  • Easy to clean up spills and debris.  
  • Ideal choice for industrial warehouses. 
  • Enhances workplace safety.
Non-slip finish on a polished concrete floor of a warehouse

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Our Clients


$80 - $120

per square metre.


The Cost of Non-Slip Polished Concrete 

The cost of non-slip polished concrete floors can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the area, the condition of the existing concrete, the level of customisation desired, and the location. For an accurate quote on the cost of polished concrete with a non-slip finish, contact Policrete today.

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Transform Your Space With Functional Non-Slip Flooring

Non-slip polished concrete floors have the remarkable ability to transform your property in more ways than one. Firstly, they offer an immediate visual upgrade. Their sleek, modern appearance adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space, be it a residential living room, a commercial showroom, or an industrial warehouse. 

Plus, the reflective surface of polished concrete can enhance lighting, making the area appear brighter and more inviting. Whether you prefer a minimalist or a more elaborate design, these floors can be customised to suit your aesthetic preferences, seamlessly blending with your existing decor or serving as a centrepiece of contemporary style. With non-slip polished concrete floors, the possibilities are endless.

Choose a non-slip polished concrete finish

  • Anti-slip properties make it a safe choice for any property. 
  • Makes wet surfaces safer for residents and employees.
  • Allows you to walk on the floor with bare feet and stay safe.
  • A great investment for industrial flooring. 
  • Adds a sleek finish to your space.  
  • The perfect non-slip surface for any environment. 

Frequently asked questions

What creates non-slip polished concrete floors?

Non-slip polished concrete floors achieve their slip-resistant properties through a combination of factors. The main contributor is a diamond grind and seal process, which creates a micro-textured concrete surface. This texture, often referred to as ‘grit,’ provides grip and traction, even when the floor is wet or oily. Additionally, specialised sealers or coatings may be applied to enhance the slip resistance further. 

Do these floors require special maintenance to retain their slip-resistant properties?

No, the slip-resistant quality of non-slip polished concrete is built into the flooring during the polishing process and does not require special maintenance. Regular cleaning and occasional resealing, as recommended by professionals, should suffice to maintain their slip-resistant performance.

Do non-slip polished floors have any environmental benefits?

Yes, non-slip polished concrete can be an environmentally friendly choice. They are often installed over existing concrete, reducing the need for additional materials. They also reflect light well, potentially reducing the need for extra lighting and energy consumption.

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When it comes to transforming your space with stunning concrete solutions, choose the experts at Policrete. With a track record of excellence and a passion for innovation, Policrete brings a wealth of experience to every project, whether it's a residential renovation or a large-scale commercial endeavour. 

Our team of skilled professionals utilises cutting-edge techniques and top-quality materials to deliver results that exceed expectations. So, you get peace of mind knowing that when you choose Policrete, you're choosing a partner who can turn your concrete slab flooring and surface dreams into a reality.

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