10% Off All Concrete Grinding & Polishing Services This Winter*

Never touch your floors again, whether it’s your family home that needs to cope with kids, a holiday home that leaves you plenty of holiday, or a high-traffic apartment corridor.

Mechanically polished concrete is our flagship finish. It offers the best of everything - longevity, looks, ease of maintenance etc. This is the best possible finish that requires the least amount of maintenance - so it’s an investment in quality.

Create floors that are warm, stunning pools of light with polished concrete, whether it’s a light polish, a random exposure that creates unique texture and character - a bit like dappled shade - or a full exposure grind and polish that showcases a stunning custom aggregate.


Commercial Kitchen Flooring

A polished concrete kitchen floor gives you the ideal solution for low-maintenance, long-lasting, and safe flooring. Polished concrete and epoxy… Read More »

Commercial Supermarket Flooring

Polished concrete and epoxy is a popular choice for commercial supermarket flooring. Not only can it withstand the wear and… Read More »

Commercial Gym Flooring

Polished concrete and epoxy is the perfect choice for hard-wearing, safe and attractive commercial gym flooring. Polished concrete is one… Read More »

Tile, Carpet & Vinyl Removal

The right tools make “hard” jobs easy – and far less risky. Our equipment and specialist methods for removal guarantee… Read More »

Grind and Seal Finish

Our grind and seal finish is the most cost-effective way of getting a great looking floor on a budget. Whether… Read More »

Concrete grinding

Concrete grinding is a common need for premises in Melbourne and Geelong. We can do the whole floor preparation job,… Read More »

Floor Preparation

Concrete slabs are never completely flat when they are poured and finished. This is why concrete floor preparation is required… Read More »

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring provides unbeatable durability and resistance, making it perfect for garages, kitchens, and other high-traffic areas. At Policrete, we… Read More »

Concrete Veneer

A concrete veneer floor is ideal for customers who thought polished concrete was not an option. We install thin, strong… Read More »

Terrazzo Tiles

Pre-finished concrete terrazzo tiles are becoming a cost-effective option where the look and feel of polished concrete is required, but… Read More »

Concrete Infill Slabs

We specialise in concrete infill slabs for floors which also use hydronic heating panels. Hydronic underfloor heating is ideal for… Read More »

Concrete Benchtops and Furniture

Make a bold statement with polished concrete benchtops. We pour and polish a range of internal and external seats, benchtops,… Read More »

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How To Choose The Right Polished Concrete


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