Kitchen with polished concrete floorKitchen with polished concrete floor

Why you should consider polished concrete floors for your commercial, office or retail space

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Policrete Team
Policrete Team
August 22, 2019
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Polished concrete has long been trending with interior designers, architects and homeowners for its aesthetic appeal and unique style. But the benefits of using polished concrete go well beyond looks. 

When deciding on the right surface for your commercial space - whether that’s a warehouse, a retail shop, or an office, there are so many things to consider: will it be fit for purpose? What are the maintenance costs? Is it safe? Will it look good? How much does it cost?

While the choice will depend on the space, the work being done, the size of the team, the budget, and a heap of other factors, we’re increasingly being contracted for commercial projects, including the installation of polished concrete for Woolworths Supermarket. Here’s why more commercial spaces are choosing polished concrete.

Supermarket with polished concrete floors
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Polished concrete floors look good

The same reason architects love polished concrete is why offices and shops choose it too. It looks great. With a range of finish options, you can design the floor to match the style of your shop or office space. Quirky? Understated? On-trend? It’s easy to style a polished concrete floor with furniture and other details to create the right look. It’s really versatile - you can even add your business’s logo or brand colours. 

The reason it works so well in offices is because it can give a space a clean, professional and modern look. A slick office with an ultra-shiny polished concrete floor makes a great first impression on clients and business partners. 

Polished concrete is also a highly reflective surface, meaning it works really well in darker spaces where there’s minimal natural light or more reliance on artificial lighting. The floor reflects artificial lighting, brightening a space that could otherwise look drab.

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Polished concrete floors are eco-friendly

Which brings us to our next point: polished concrete floors are an eco-friendly option. Light reflectivity means you’ll use less electricity on artificial lighting. Concrete is also a thermal mass material so it can absorb and release heat, making a space more efficient to heat and cool. 

Concrete is a sustainable choice because it often uses the concrete slab that is already available in a building (no trees were harmed in the installation of this concrete floor). It also doesn't require harsh chemicals to clean. 

If you’re looking to up your business’s eco-credentials, concrete floors could be a good first step in creating a sustainable and efficient office or retail space. Read about the use of concrete in passive solar design, an eco-friendly building and design movement.  

Polished concrete floors are easy to maintain

Some of the same qualities that make concrete an eco-friendly choice also make it easy to maintain and easy to clean. 

To keep polished concrete looking great, all it needs is regular sweeping and mopping. If you’ve got a  smaller space, like a shop, your staff can easily take care of this. For larger offices, you’ll save money on maintenance and cleaning due to its simplicity. 

Unlike carpets, you won’t need regular steam cleaning. And unlike tiles, which can cost a lot to maintain, polished concrete is really hard to damage. It can take the strain of constant foot traffic, swivel chairs (not to mention the ease of sliding around the office space on your swivel chair - try doing that on carpet), even forklifts. 

Polished concrete is really durable, meaning you’ll never need to replace it (this is another tick in the eco-friendly box).

Office space with polished concrete floors and pink walls
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Polished concrete floors will save you money

Polished concrete is low maintenance, easy to clean, long lasting and has a range of other benefits that will save you money in the long run - such as savings in electricity, heating and cooling. Imagine the amount of money (and time) you’ll save in cleaning and maintenance. 

Polished concrete floors are also quicker to install than other flooring options, meaning you won’t need to shut the doors to your business for too long. 

Boardroom with polished concrete floors
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Polished concrete floors are functional and safe

Whether you work in an office, a kitchen, a shop or a factory, the safety and wellbeing of staff is paramount. 

The aesthetic appeal of polished concrete can have benefits beyond impressing your clients. Having a well-designed office space can boost morale and productivity. Staff are more likely to enjoy work if they like the environment that surrounds them. 

Same goes for a space that’s light and bright. Nobody feels good about working in a dark and gloomy office. The reflective properties of polished concrete can create that bright look and feeling. 

Polished concrete also doesn't attract dust and is hypoallergenic, making for a safer and more comfortable space for workers will allergies and hayfever. 

For factories, warehouses and fast-paced offices, concrete can be made even safer with an application of epoxy.  Epoxy floors are slip resistant, making them safe for vehicles and workers. 

Office space with polished concrete floors and glass walls
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How to get a low-maintenance, long-lasting, great-looking polished concrete floors for your commercial, retail or office space

If you’re looking for a highly functional, safe and eco-friendly options for your office or retail space, polished concrete could be the answer. It’s not only an affordable option, but it also looks great and could boost employee morale. 

Get in touch with one of Policrete’s concrete specialists to discuss how we can install a high-quality polished concrete floor in your commercial space.

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