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What's involved with concrete floor preparation?

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Concrete floor preparation
Policrete Team
Policrete Team
November 4, 2020
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The concrete answer to fabulous floors is meticulous preparation

To the naked eye, a new concrete slab can look smooth. But no new concrete slab is never perfectly flat. Before any coverings or finishings are applied to the surface, floor preparation must take place.

There are many benefits conferred during the preparation stage:

  1. Debris that has been left over by tradies and builders is removed.
  2. Raised and lowered sections, from the pouring stage, are evened out.
  3. The perfectly flat surface is now ready to act as the foundation for other types of floors (including carpets, floorboards, and tiles).

Read on to find out more about what is involved with concrete floor preparation, like the results, the steps needed to carry out the job, and the costs.

Here at Policrete, we offer a variety of services, from grinding and sealing old concrete floors, to preparing new ones. We carry out work with unparalleled expertise and high-quality tools. Read more about what we do and find out how we can help with floor preparation

Why is floor preparation necessary?

Many flooring types are applied over the top of a concrete slab: things like carpet, tiles, veneers, floorboards, and so on. For these types of floors to adhere properly to the concrete, it's necessary for the surface to have been prepared.

Any holes and gaps must be patched, checks must be undertaken for structural soundness, debris must be cleared away, and imperfections in the slab must be remedied to ensure that it is as level as possible.

What happens during floor preparation?

We use two different types of floor preparation, depending on the task at hand.

Grinding: High powered machines grind away at the surface, leveling it out and removing imperfections. Large, rotating pads make contact with the slab and the intense friction leaves you with a smooth, flat floor.

Shot-blasting: The surface is blasted at a high velocity, cleaning and smoothing it out.

How can I tell if my floor isn't flat?

There are a number of methods to determine if a floor is flat, from advanced tools to just dropping marbles on the floor and seeing where they roll. The best option is to have a flooring expert come out and examine the surface to determine the best course of action.

What is the floor preparation process?

Follow the following process to get expertly prepared floors at your property.

  1. Contact our team, and tell us about your needs
  2. We'll come to the site, see what is possible, and advise you on the best way forward
  3. Working together, we'll give you a free quote and a timeframe in which we can get the job done
  4. Our team will head back out to your property, and get to work preparing the floor
  5. You'll have the chance to inspect the work and confirm that it has been undertaken to the highest levels of professionalism

Is floor preparation the same for every flooring project?

Not every concrete slab requires the same level of floor preparation. If, for example, you're planning on laying down some floorboards over the top of the concrete, we won't necessarily have to go to the same lengths that would be required for a terrazzo tile floor.

No matter which finish or floor you're after, we can provide the appropriate level of floor preparation. That includes floors that involve underfloor heating, tiles, laminate, and epoxy finish.

How much does it cost to prepare a floor?

There are many different factors that change the pricing for floor preparation. Variables that will impact the final price for floor preparation include:

Intended flooring type: Different levels of work and care must be applied depending on what the final use for the floor will be.

Surface area: All other things being equal, a larger floor with a greater surface area will cost more to prepare than a smaller floor.

Challenges on the job site: If it's a particularly unusual build, or it's excessively difficult to get tools to and from the job site, that will have an impact on the overall pricing.

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