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6 Signs That Your Concrete Floor Needs to Be Restored

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Policrete Team
Policrete Team
March 11, 2022
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Concrete floors are quite popular with home and business owners because of their durability and low maintenance. As the longtime backbone of warehouses and garages, they are increasingly used in interior design in the form of polished and decorative concrete floors. 

However, concrete floors do require occasional restoration to both maintain their integrity and keep them looking their best. So what are the signs your concrete floors need to be restored? When is the right time? And is it really necessary?

Read on to learn more about the telltale signs that restoration is needed and why it matters.

What Are the Signs of Concrete Flooring Issues?

Floors made of concrete play vital structural and aesthetic roles, whether they're in a home, business or warehouse garage. For that reason, old concrete floor problems can have a big impact on our ability to use spaces for work, rest and play.

Here are the six telltale signs that you should call in a restoration expert.

1. Uneven Concrete Surface

Healthy concrete is smooth and unblemished. Uneven surfaces can be both dangerous to walk on and make it look unpleasant. 

If you notice that certain areas of your concrete floor have a rough or uneven texture, it's likely that they need some rough concrete floor repair. Levelling uneven concrete floors is a must.

2. Concrete Cracks

If you notice any cracks or holes in the surface of your concrete floor, it's a sign that it needs to be restored. 

Cracks in polished concrete floors, and other types of floors, can lead to further problems. Cracked concrete floors may also increase the risk of water damage and create a breeding ground for pests. Repairing concrete cracks is the smart move.

3. Water Pools

Pools of water on concrete are never a good sign. Water damage on concrete floors is a serious issue. 

Improper drainage doesn't just threaten the integrity of concrete flooring — it's also a safety risk for people walking across it. Concrete floor water damage or moisture problems require urgent restoration by a professional.

4. Discolouration

A discoloured concrete surface is another sign that your floor may need restoration. This can be caused by spills and exposure to sunlight or other elements, rendering your floor more susceptible to further staining. 

It's important to remove stains to maintain the look and performance of your concrete floor. You should try applying a concrete cleaner with a floor squeegee on the existing surface, but just be mindful of other warning signs occurring in tandem.

5. Concrete Pitting

When different parts of concrete experience heavy vehicular or foot traffic, or objects are dropped on them, they may become pitted. 

Over time, these dents and low spots in the concrete will corrode and grow larger. This frequently affects residential and industrial driveways, and restoring concrete driveways is common.

6. Concrete Flaking and Concrete Spalling

When concrete has begun to peel away in thin layers, it is known as concrete flaking or concrete spalling. This can lead to a dusty, uneven surface that compromises the integrity of the concrete slab or concrete overlay, as well as endangering those who walk on it. 

Dusty concrete floor problems are serious and merit expert attention. Concrete spalling repair will prevent these problems and save you a lot of headaches.

If you see any of these 6 warning signs, it's time to get expert help in fixing your concrete floors.


Benefits of Concrete Floor Restoration

It's natural to want to overlook what seem like only minor imperfections or flaws. Do stains really matter? Is grease such a big deal? In an ideal world, nobody would need to spend money when they don't have to. However, concrete rejuvenation is genuinely important. The benefits of a concrete resurface or restoration include the following.

Reduced Threat of Injury

Individuals can fall on uneven pieces or cracks in ruined concrete, especially those who have balance challenges owing to medical issues. 

In some situations, this kind of accident results in death or significant injuries. In many circumstances, repairing concrete isn't really a difficult job, but it may help save a life, so it's well worth doing.

Minimise Further Damage

Healthy concrete floors are resilient and dependable. They resist decay and hold their appearance. But once they start breaking, concrete floors will weaken if action isn't taken. 

Water and moisture accumulate in the concrete, wearing it down and widening cracks and causing all sorts of bother. It's a snowball effect best dealt with through early intervention.

Another thing to consider is that when damaged concrete does need to be repaired and restored down the track, interruptions will be greater. This can mean a loss of time and, in the case of businesses, money. Restoration provides financial protection, too.

Keep Your Property Clean and Beautiful

Whether it's a polished concrete living room floor, business foyer or warehouse causeway, old and unsightly concrete detracts from a property's visual appeal. 

Homes seem unkempt and businesses appear unprofessional. Even minor stains and other spills can have a negative effect on a space's feel. Restoration is a quick, easy win for keeping things looking nice.

Save Money

By remedying problems with concrete floors as they occur, you will save money from having to address them later after they've caused more damage. 

That's not to mention the time and disruption caused by more intensive repair work. The cheapest way to refinish a concrete floor is doing it early, before costs spiral. If left long enough, you may need to completely replace existing concrete.

Final Thoughts

Concrete flooring is a hard surface that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Still, over time it experiences material degradation. 

While not all concrete flooring problems need immediate attention, leaving them unaddressed can create serious safety issues. When you notice warning signs of damage, it's important to contact concrete repair and restoration experts. They will determine suitable repair options and get your concrete floors looking new again!

Think your concrete floors might need resurfacing? Policrete can help! We're the experts when it comes to restoring old concrete floors. Get in touch with us to renew your concrete floors to their old glory!

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