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Policrete Team
Policrete Team
August 25, 2020
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Polished concrete flooring is just the beginning

If you're looking to add some industrial practicality and tactile style to your home, you cannot go past the appeal of polished concrete. While hard when set, polished concrete is an incredibly versatile material, and can be put to use all over the home.

Aside from polished concrete flooring, we'll take a look at some of the most popular polished concrete options around the home. Read on to find some inspiration, or get in touch with our expert team for a free quote on your next project.

The team at Policrete are your local polished concrete experts. We can use our skill and knowledge to create stunning polished concrete furniture in all areas of your home.

Polished concrete in living rooms

Traditionally, living rooms were designed and decored to promote warmth. Today, interior designers and architects are favouring industrial appeal for its low-cost and charming aesthetic. Steel beams, stony surfaces, and rough tiles are all in great demand.

Polished concrete furniture is in vogue like never before. Concrete tabletops and seats allow family and friends to gather around and enjoy company in comfort. Polished concrete furniture is also incredibly resistant to damage and spills, giving a lifetime of use.

Polished concrete in kitchens

Polished concrete in kitchens

Polished concrete kitchen floors are incredibly popular. However, the appeal doesn't end there — there are plenty of other uses for hardy polished concrete on work surfaces and other essential kitchen elements.

With polished concrete kitchen benches, you can choose your own mix of finishes and aggregates, including glass, pebbles, quartz, and granite. They are also much safer to cut and install than stone benchtops.

Polished concrete sinks come with water-resistant acrylic seals, ensuring that they perform as required for years to come. This sealant will need to be replaced every 2 to 3 years, but this can be done easily at home.

Polished concrete in bedrooms

Polished concrete in bedrooms

The bedroom is usually reserved for soft, warm things. Today, we are seeing a shift from the traditional towards the architecturally designed. Polished concrete in bedrooms is the perfect canvas for something spectacular. It also has the ability to reduce allergens common in sleeping situations.

Polished concrete features walls can add a dramatic tone to your bedroom. They look best when balanced with soft furnishings, timber accents, and crystal clear glass.

Polished concrete bedroom flooring is not cold and unforgiving — quite the opposite. Hydronic underfloor heating features an array of tubes beneath your bedroom floor, filled with hot water. The concrete absorbs this heat and disperses it throughout the entire floor to create a warm, comfortable bedroom.

Forming part of the home office, polished concrete workbenches can give you plenty of space to run a business from home. They are also resistant to those bleary-eyed coffee spills.

Polished concrete in bathrooms

Polished concrete bathroom floors are water-resistant and are incredible when it comes to natural temperature management. We can also install hydronic heating beneath your concrete bathroom flooring to add an additional layer of comfort. You can keep this theme going with a range of other bathroom options.

Let this sink in: polished concrete basins. Like those in the kitchen, bathroom basins are incredibly easy to clean and care for, and add a sensitive tactile element to your bathroom.

Polished concrete baths continue this aesthetic. These can come as built into your existing floors and walls, or as freestanding concrete baths on their own.

Polished concrete outside

In a previous article, we've discussed all the considerations you need to take before installing concrete outside. These are some of our favourite projects, and allow our team to get creative with solutions.

For entertaining and relaxing, polished concrete patios are an excellent choice for all families. They are weather-resistant, and very easy to wash and re-polish when necessary.

Polished concrete around the pool isn't as slippery as it sounds. We use particular grades of polishers to ensure that there is always traction underfoot, even in the presence of water.

Polished concrete garage floors

Last, but not least, polished concrete garage floors are an excellent choice for those looking to balance practicality and style. Your cars will be looking their best against the dramatic tones of a polished concrete garage floor. Just ensure that it is correctly installed by professionals, like our team at Policrete. 

If you're looking for additional garage flooring options, you should check out our epoxy garage flooring. Epoxy flooring is resistant to most chemicals and incredibly durable.

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