Concrete Floor Preparation

When concrete slabs are poured, screeded and finished they are never completely flat. There is no system in place yet that can achieve a one hundred percent perfectly flat surface, this is why at times, concrete needs to be grinded flat to allow other coverings to be installed.
For example a 600 x 600 porcelain floor tile is extremely difficult to lay if a concrete slab is up and down. These high and low spots can be reduced with a surface grindFloor preparation also encompasses the following services

  • Epoxy Removal
  • Tile glue removal
  • Existing concrete coating removal
  • Floor levelling
  • Paint removal
  • Crack filling and grouting
  • Carpet and Tile Removal

Our dust extraction equipment can keep your existing areas clean while we are working. Placing new flooring products over existing concrete that is not fresh and clean can be risky. Even the mess caused by tradesmen working on your slab will mean your adhesives will not grab to the concrete as well as they should. A light surface grind can take the guess work away and leave you confident that years later nothing will have come away from the concrete.

Floor-Preparation.JPG Floor-preparation-(3).JPG
Epoxy Removal Glue Removal