Tile Removal

There is a trend emerging where we are regularly requested to remove old dirty carpet as well as outdated floor tiles for the polished concrete look. With carpet being a breeding ground for dust mites and bacteria, floor tiles being easy to chip and grout lines staying filthy the argument for polishing an existing concrete slab is a strong one. Whether your concrete is suitable for polishing, grinding and sealing or a clear epoxy coating like below, there is a solution for every floor.

Existing Floor Tiles before removal Tile Removal, Concrete Grind and Clear Epoxy Coating

Our Tile Removal Services utilise the most up to date equipment to do the job in a clean, safe and orderly manner. This is important as damage to the concrete slab beneath needs to be kept at a minimum. Using a hammer and chisel isn’t the way to go if you are thinking of doing it yourself. We’ve seen many jobs ruined by tiles being removed using the wrong technique. Scratches and divots can be filed if this occurs but should always be kept to a minimum as they will always be seen after the concrete is polished.

Skip bins are not even essential with the use of our 2 tonne tipping truck. This eliminates the possibility of damaging driveways, footpaths or the roads with big bulky skip bins. Keep in mind that floor tile removal is a very messy job, its dustier than concrete grinding as there is no practice in which we can vacuum the dust that comes off the tiles being chipped up. We can place our truck in the most convenient position where it can be moved if necessary. If you are heading down the polished concrete path then there is nobody better than us for your Tile Removal Services. Your job will flow better and you’ll achieve better results from your flooring.

IMG_0598.JPG IMG_0597.JPG
 Tile Removal before concrete polishing  Tile Removal Machine in Action