Polished Concrete Bench Tops

In our experience, people who value high quality, handmade items and natural materials are more likely to want concrete benchtops. For those who desire a benchtop that stands apart from common surfaces, concrete is your answer.  If your benchtop options have only included marble, granite, reconstituted stone and synthetic solid surfaces, then you understand the limitations and frustrations with such materials that are so commonly installed in households today.

2547066258_630ff6fd5c.jpg polishedconcretedesk1.jpg
 Polished concrete benchtop  Polished concrete desktop

Almost anything with a flat surface that can be set in concrete can be polished. Benchtops therefore are another area in which we specialise and can ensure satisfaction. Concrete benchtops suit the discriminating homeowners who are looking to express their individuality and personal style.  With custom designs and finishes, each piece is inherently unique. There are always subtle variations in colour and texture which enhances the products natural beauty.

In addition, the use of pigments make it possible to have unlimited choice in colour.  The pieces can be sculpted and molded to suit, with objects being inlaid, if so desired, for a distinctive feel and look.  This once-of-a-kind quality is what attracts people to using concrete in their home or business. Another benefit is that you no longer need to have ugly joins in your benchtops where 2 or more pieces of stone needed to be put together to make up the large space.

It is also easier for concrete to be given some extra thickness, an expensive procedure when using stone products.
Man made stone products are not suitable for use outdoors where they can change shape from exposure to the sun and the elements of nature. A polished concrete benchtop will not give you these problems and stand the test of time in the wear and tear stakes.