Epoxy Flooring

Our 2 part self leveling epoxy resin flooring system has opened the door to endless possibilites. Any look and feel is possible with a base range of 26 colours to choose from. Unimited combinations of colours and application techniques await your imagination. If you want your shop of office to stand out from the pack this system will be for you as you can create a 100% unique look that cannot be replicated.

Orange-Epoxy-Floor-(2).jpg custom-seamless-elite-crete-basement-flooring-5.jpg
100% Self levelling Epoxy Flooring Coating System 26 Factory Epoxy Colors to choose from

Benefits of our epoxy flooring system over other flooring options is in the products superior resistance to staining, chemicals and oil spills. This non slip surface is extremely easy to keep clean and allows for minimal maintenance. The product is applied in a seamless installatio over your new or existing concrete flooring. A full gloss or satin finish coat is then applied.

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Titanium Epoxy Flooring Red Epoxy Floor

Epoxy floor coatings offer many advantages over other flooring options. Because of the fairly solid consistency of the epoxy resin, it can be applied over rough and uneven surfaces without the need for heavy grinding. Once installed, the floor will be waterproof, highly resistent to rust, acid, chemicals, heat and corrosion. It will also withstand higher levels of abuse from foot traffic and vehicles making it a popular choice for industrial and commercial sectors.

If you are not into bright and loud colours, the exact same product can be applied without colour enhanser for a crystal clear high build coating for concrete floors.

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Full exposure with Epoxy Resin Coating Full Gloss Epoxy Resin Flooring